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Space, The Final Frontier…

April 26, 2012

…so quoth William Shatner, in his world-famous monologue at the beginning of every episode of Star Trek(TOS), in his role as James T. Kirk, of the Federation starship, Enterprise, it’s 5 year mission,” to explore strange new worlds, to seek out civilizations, to boldly go, where no man has gone before.”

Thus was born a concept, an idea, that has lasted on to this day, Stardate 65781.2, 4/25/2012 for you non-Federation types. And, it will continue to be represented in our thinking, our writings, our dream for the future, not of a 3-bedroom mansion, but rather a lasting human presence in the heavens above, far beyond the reaches of gravity and atmosphere, breaking free the surly bonds of Earth and voyaging onward into the far reaches of the cosmos, someday. Someday.

But first, a physical challenge.


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